Hello 2016!

I have some New Years resolutions which certainly don't include dieting! I have zero will power unfortunately when it comes to eating everything I know I shouldn't! However, I am quite careful with my diet and try to pile up greens on my plate at mealtimes. Plus I try to maintain a healthy relationship with the gym and have recently purchased a gym ball for my desk at home! Ok, so let's move aside those chocolate brownies and pastries for now and focus on making something super simple, nutritious and delicious...

If you haven't tried a Cretan salad before, or, perhaps haven't even heard of it, then chórta (χόρτα) which translates as 'greens,' is a traditional Cretan dish comprising of cooked seasonal vegetables, typically spinach or dandelion. The greens are wilted down (blanched or boiled), topped with half the juice of one lemon, pinches of salt and pepper, plus a generous drizzle of olive oil. Served warm or cold, you'll spot this dish on many Greek menus.

Wash the spinach leaves under cold water.

Fill the bottom of a saucepan with water and top with the leaves. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes until the spinach has wilted down. Remove from the heat and drain away any excess water. Position the leaves on your serving dish then drizzle over olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.