Going for Gold


I can guarantee I am not the first to say; "where HAVE the last four years gone!?" The Opening Ceremony of the glorious London Olympics is still as fresh as a daisy in my mind. I mean, how can anyone forget James Bond escorting Her Majesty to the Olympics?! 

So, first things first, I absolutely love the Olympics! Watching the world's greatest athletes compete with such passion, skill, stamina and expertise in their sport is quite simply mind blowing! The seconds, minutes, hours, days and years of unwavering dedication and commitment to their training is all geared up for this one moment - going for gold. Of course, there are many other prestigious races and competitions that these astonishing athletes take part in throughout the year, but, this post is all about celebrating the 2016 Olympics taking place in Rio right now. *Come on GB!!!*

Out of the many sporting disciplines taking place at the Olympics, one of my favourites has to be watching the swimming. Although I am not a particularly strong swimmer, I love to be relaxing in the water or lying by the pool with a good book on holiday! So, with this in mind, I have created a look I would love to wear. Look out for the hints of gold in and amongst my tropical theme...!