Holiday Haul!


I love the changing of the seasons, especially from summer to autumn. Taking Winnie for her walks in the park, I love marvelling for a moment or two at those brilliant hues of burnt orange and golden yellow as the trees take on new colours. Winnie is nonplussed and would much prefer if I concentrated fully on fetch, but, each to their own, I guess! There is that noticeable shift in the temperature too, a definite chill on the shoulders if you pop out without a jumper on - brrr! I’m already thinking about unpacking my scarfs and woolies from the back of my wardrobe, are you? Now that the evenings are drawing in as well, this means I’ll soon be digging out recipes for homemade wintry soups and heart-warming stews. If you have any tasty autumnal inspiration, please send it my way :)

However, before I throw myself fully into autumn, September is such a great month for holidaying abroad, especially if you are not quite ready to say goodbye to summer (me too!) It’s often the best time to visit Europe, especially now that many places will be less crowded with holiday makers, yet, still absolutely ideal for soaking up the last of the summer sun’s rays. A time of year that Scott and I always try to steal a break away together. Speaking of which, I thought I would curate a look book today, showcasing a handful of items that I would pop in my suitcase in a heartbeat. Some will be happily joining me on our upcoming holiday, (you can’t beat a simple white, floaty dress or a colourful pair of espadrilles!) but, it won’t be that super luxurious eye mask or those gorgeous Tod’s shades below! Alas, a girl can dream!

If you are heading on a late summer holiday this month too, then I hope this post may offer you a little extra inspiration for what to purchase and/or pack, or, give ideas of what not to forget!

(All of the photos you see in this post are from online sources. I have jotted down a description of each item in bold, and every item has a hyperlink attached. This is not a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links.)

Holiday Travel Tips.jpg

Happy Holidays!