Whitewall Galleries - Bath


Welcome to Whitewall Galleries in Bath - a fantastic flurry of visual stimulation awaits! 

I recently visited Whitewall Galleries, which is located on 17 New Bond Street in Bath, to meet Art Consultant, Victoria. To begin, we enjoyed getting to know one another over over tea and art, my idea of a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon! Victoria then kindly gave me a wonderful guided tour of the gallery, which spans across three floors. It was fascinating and inspiring to listen to Victoria's in-depth knowledge on the original paintings, collectable editions and sculptures that are on display, and to share her passion for art too.

There is a bright, bold and brilliant body of artwork that demands serious attention at Whitewall Galleries. Come and take a peak and you'll soon see why!...

(Just press the 'play' button on the painting below to watch my whistle stop tour!)

As you have just observed, I am doing things a little differently today by introducing a short video into my post, which I don't often do. When I first stepped foot inside the gallery, it struck me immediately that the best way I could capture the essence of the gallery, and give you a real flavour of what to expect, would be via a short film.

Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg

Being a creature of habit though, I couldn't bare to leave my trusty camera behind! Especially as I was keen to showcase a handful of pieces that really caught my eye throughout the tour. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny of the gallery, swooning over pieces that I soon couldn't stop myself imagining hanging from the walls at home! One for the hallway, one for the lounge and dining room, one for the bedroom, and well, while we're at it, let's pop one in the kitchen too!

Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg

I especially loved these shimmering renditions of Marilyn. Doesn't she look sensational?!

Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg

I couldn't wait to ask Victoria a whole heap of questions about Whitewall Galleries, and now you have had a taster of what lies behind the doors at 17 New Bond Street, I'm sure you can't wait too!

Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg

Scroll down to the end of this post and you'll find my Q&A session with Victoria. Enjoy!

Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg
Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg
Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg
Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg
Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg
Whitewall Galleries Bath.jpg

Where can we find your gallery in Bath?

Just at the bottom of Milson Street - No.17 New Bond Street.

When and why did founder and CEO, Helen Swaby, establish Whitewall Galleries?

At the age of 21, Helen had a disappointing experience with an art gallery whilst trying to buy a piece for her new home. It was at that moment that she became determined to change the Art Market to create a welcoming, open and dynamic space in which art could be not only purchased, but viewed and enjoyed. It’s all about the experience at Whitewall Galleries.

What services do you offer?

You get a completely bespoke service with an allocated Art Dealer to help you explore your own palette, and hopefully find that special piece! We also offer Home Approvals, where we will bring the pieces to your home so that you can get a feeling for how they work for you in situ.

Who is your audience?

Absolutely anyone that loves art! We have pieces from £250 up to Picasso Originals - but all you need is to want to explore the art world.

What is the focus of your art gallery?

We find Contemporary Fine Art from all over the world, and incredible artists that create them, and bring them to be enjoyed both in the gallery and at home. We try to pair the perfect pieces with the perfect people, and we will always like a challenge, so if you never agree or have been struggling, pop in for a consultation and let us work our magic!

How many artists do you represent, and, do you personally have a favourite?

Almost 150! Our favourites are constantly changing but right now we adore the works of Henry Asencio. He paints the most stunning pieces, with a focus on creating an emotional connection between canvas and viewer. They are highly textured, and thickly applied pieces, but the detailing is just phenomenal. He takes influence from the likes of Picasso, Matisse and Lucian Freud.

How do you go about selecting your artists? 

We do have a team on the lookout at our head studio, but there is also the option to submit artwork via the website.

Do you have any exciting, upcoming exhibitions that we should know about?

This year we will have the beautiful Anna Razumovskaya, and the sensational Fabian Perez! They will be visiting us in September and November. We are just so excited as they both create stunning figurative artworks, but in such different ways. Our exhibitions are always brimming with excitement as you get to meet and greet the artists, hear about their works, and enjoy their latest and greatest pieces.

Do you have a favourite artwork in your current/permanent collection?

It is so hard to choose, art is just so personal! For myself at the moment, I’m loving our 20th Century masters collection, which holds the likes of L. S. Lowry, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali.

Are you active on social media? And if so, has the impact of social media changed how you do business?

We are on Instagram (whitewallbath / whitewallgalleries), and you can also follow us on Facebook (@whitewallgalleries) and Twitter (@wwgalleries). It allows us to keep up to date with the artists latest works, and see them interact, challenge and support each other. It also means that we can explore the entire world of art, including art history and see a visual representation of works from around the world.

Are you dog-friendly?!

Of course! We do ask that they are kept on the lead, but we don’t mind giving them a fuss so that you can have a look around.

If you could have a 3 course dinner with three artist’s, either living or dead, who would you choose?

Todd White – one of our top artists both here and in the US – with Van Gogh, as I think their ideas together would change the world. And of course, Leonardo DaVinci, as it would be fascinating  hearing his thoughts on modern and avant-garde styles of today.

Thank you so much to Victoria for giving me an insight into the world of Whitewall Galleries. I wouldn't hesitate stopping by to meet the team who are so friendly and approachable, highly knowledgeable and passionate about their artists. If you visit, don't forget to come back and tell me what pieces you fell in love with too, or, even better still, maybe found a permanent home for?

If you require more information regarding the gallery, please head here.