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Last Thursday 8th March, marked International Women's Day (IWD). Every year, on this day, IWD has a campaign theme to strive towards accelerating gender equality and celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. For 2018, the theme is #PressforProgress.

A company that is playing a positive and purposeful part in pressing for gender parity is Space NK. This month, Space NK are celebrating all of their female-founded brands whose "passion it is to inspire, empower and celebrate you". By introducing you either online or in-store to these highly successful and inspiring businesswomen, Space NK have created a strong call-to-action with their own powerful #SNKshecan campaign, which you can check out over on their Instagram or Twitter pages. I was kindly invited down to their Bath shop by Clare Forde PR on IWD to meet Emma Hardie, British founder of Emma Hardie Skincare. Unfortunately, our meeting didn't go quite as planned due to Emma being unwell, which meant she couldn't visit the store. However, her lovely Brand Ambassadors, Louise and Harvest, stood in for her during her absence. I had the pleasure of meeting them and finding out all about this luxurious, all natural, skincare brand. 

Louise and Harvest - Brand Ambassadors for Emma Hardie Skinware

Louise and Harvest - Brand Ambassadors for Emma Hardie Skinware

Discovering how passionate Louise and Harvest are about the brand that they represent, I thoroughly enjoyed asking them a series of questions. Find out why Emma Hardie uses only natural ingredients in her skincare range and what products are most popular right now. Make notes on what you should be using on your skin during these cold snaps, and what Emma Hardie products you should reach for first...


The Bathonian Interviews:

Louise and Harvest - Brand Ambassadors for Emma Hardie Skincare

When was the Emma Hardie brand established?

Louise: The brand was established in 2009. Emma used to do facials from home and even mixed up the Moringa Cleansing Balm in her kitchen sink!

Why did Emma Hardie decide to create a skincare line using only naturally sourced ingredients?

Harvest: It's just the type of person Emma is. Naturally sourced ingredients is something that she is passionate about, especially as she is quite a holistic person. She has done lots of celebrity facials and did not want to use any invasive treatments to get that really 'plumped up look.' 

What makes Emma Hardie products better than other ‘natural’ skincare brands on the market?

Louise: When you go down the 'natural' route, you very often find a product that is natural but doesn't really quite cut it. Whereas with the Emma Hardie range, her products does exactly what it says on the tin.  

What's the target audience?

Both: Anyone! Our products are suitable for all skin types and all ages.

Louise: As soon as you start wearing makeup, Emma Hardie products will help set your skin up for later in life.

Harvest: I started using the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm at the age of 16!

I’m new to using Emma Hardie products, where should I start?

Both: The Moringa Cleansing Balm!

Louise: If you started with just the balm, it would be really great for you. Everybody should be using it.

I read that you recently launched in Estonia, and wanted to ask where you see the most demand for your products? Is it in the UK, Europe, or Overseas?

Both: Currently, in the UK.

What are your best-selling products right now?

Harvest: The Moringa Cleansing Balm is definitely the best-seller. However, the Protect and Prime SPF30 and the Brilliance Facial Oil are also very popular too.

I read that the ‘Moringa Cleansing Balm’ was recently voted one of the best cleansers for combination skin in The Independent.  What it is about the product that makes it so popular and desirable?

Harvest: It effortlessly melts away every last trace of makeup, so you're not having to scrub at your skin or use anything harsh or ebrasive to remove makeup. As a result, the skin is left feeling clean and nourished, not dull and dried out.

Louise: In addition, the Moringa seed extract is really detoxifying, so what better ingredient to have in your cleanser?! It hydrates the skin and gives it a really deep cleanse too. 

Given we have just had such a cold snap, I’d be keen to find out which products in the collection are best for restoring and protecting tired, dehydrated skin?

Both: The Moringa Cleaning Balm, Protect and Prime SP30, Brilliance Facial Oil and the Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist.

Do you have a favourite Emma Hardie hero product?

Harvest: Protect and Prime SP30 or the Moringa Cleansing Balm.

Louise: I need them all!

Are there any new products launching soon that we should know about?

Louise: We have a new mask that will be launching soon. For brightening, stimulating and regenerating the skin. It makes your skin feel like silk, it's beautiful.

Harvest: The product has red algae in it which is great for pigmentation, and hydroiodic acid which is good for hydration and radiance.

Why did Emma Hardie decide to get involved with 'International Women's Day'?

Victoria from Clare Forde PR: For International Women's Day, Space NK are embracing all of their female brand founders. Emma Hardie and her Brand Ambassadors wanted to take this wonderful opportunity to meet and greet their customers in-store. 

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I'd like to say a big thank you to the Emma Hardie brand for kindly gifting me the gorgeous Midas Touch Face Serum Duo, Protect and Prime SPF30, and Brilliance Facial Oil - all of which I have been loving! I'd also like to extend my thanks to Louise and Harvest and also to Victoria from Clare Forde PR for kindly reaching out to me in the first instance. 

You should definitely check out Emma Hardie's amazing skincare products, you can do so over here :) or, of course in-store at Space NK.