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If you were to dig deep into the archives of my blog, you would find a selection of sweet and savoury recipes (but, mostly sweet!), from luscious lemon tartes and pumpkin whoopie pies (perfect for Halloween!) to healthy, summery salads. However, as the content of my blog evolved with a focus more on restaurant reviews, shop launches, lifestyle and beauty, I was finding less time to post recipes. Now, similarly to my post last week, I am doing things ever so slightly differently here again on what has been a bright and beautifully sunny Friday…

Cue; The Bath Distillery - Bath’s first gin distillery for 250 years, which is located on Queen Street, in the heart of the city. The Canary Gin Bar began life on these premises over 6 years ago and is situated on the ground floor. Due to popular demand, it was decided that they should build a distillery in order to serve and sell their very own ‘Bath Gins’. Behind the bar, you will find a staggering 200 or so gins to suit every palate, and upstairs, you will discover the Distiller’s Bar, which boasts over 40 gins, as well as offering more classic cocktail options too.

The Canary Gin Bar Bath

I was recently approached by The Bath Distillery to see how creative I could be with the newest addition to their range - the ‘Hopped Rhubarb Gin’. This spirit is made through an infusion of locally sourced rhubarb and whole hop flowers. In addition to the ‘Hopped Rhubarb Gin’, I was kindly gifted the distillery’s classic ‘Bath Gin’ too. Within this spirit you will find tangy citrus, bitter orange, English coriander and the team’s trademark kaffir lime leaves. Receiving these tasty tipples in the post, I soon set to work designing two G&T recipes in celebration of International Gin and Tonic day, today!

The Canary Gin Bar Bath

Right then, there’s only one thing for it… Calling all gin lovers!

The Canary Gin Bar Bath

In just a few simple steps, we will be toasting to the weekend, and to International Gin and Tonic day, with my takes on the classic!

The Canary Gin Bar Bath

First up, we have my sweet and fruity ‘Hopped Rhubarb, Apple and Elderflower G&T’, and for this you will need the following ingredients:

A 50ml Miniature Bottle of ‘Hopped Rhubarb Gin’

An Equal Amount of Apple Juice (clear or cloudy)

150ml Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic

A Squeeze of Lime

Blackberries and Raspberries

A large handful of Ice (crushed or cubed)

Add the ice to your glass and squeeze in the juice of a lime. Next, run the lime around the rim of the glass then discard. Top with the gin, tonic and apple juice, stir gently and garnish with fresh berries (I opted for blackberries and raspberries, but you could add blueberries or strawberries too)…

Bath Gin-78.jpg

Now for something citrusy, we have my ‘Aperol and Valencian Orange G&T’…

A 50ml Miniature Bottle of ‘Bath Gin’

150ml of Fentiman’s Valencian Orange Tonic

A dash of Aperol

A slice of fresh orange and sprig of rosemary

A large handful of ice (crushed or cubed)

Similar to my prior recipe, add the ice to your glass, but this time add the dash of Aperol. Next, top with the gin and tonic and serve with a wedge of fresh orange (run the orange around the rim of the glass first) and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Et voila!

Bath Gin & Tonic

Happy International Gin and Tonic Day, guys! And, many thanks to The Bath Distillery for sending samples of their gins for us to enjoy this weekend!

The Canary Gin Bar Bath
The Canary Gin Bar Bath

If you would like to get your hands on these cute miniature bottles, or, discover what else The Bath Distillery have to offer from their range, including 15% off your next order (just enter the offer code GINDAY15 at checkout), then please head here.

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