Ca Na Xica - Ibiza

One of the wonderful things I have learnt about Ibiza is that it can offer weary travellers a real dose of rest and relaxation, if you know where to look for it! So as famous as it is for boasting some of the world's best nightclubs and bars, guaranteeing party goers wild nights and dancing 'till the sun comes out, it can also provide a rest-bite for those in search of a chilled-out break away. If, like us, you find yourself craving a 'get away from it all' type of vacation, then look no further than Ca Na Xica, which you'll find nestled on the north of the island. Here awaits an oasis of calm; an elegant, contemporary white washed Spanish finca welcomes you, as does lush green olive groves, spacious private terraces with sweeping views of unspoilt, sun-soaked countryside, and, a dazzling freshwater pool... Sound tempting? Hell yes! Let's go exploring!

ca na xica-76.jpg

Last month, Scott and I visited Ca Na Xica, arriving to brilliant blue skies and just a balmy breeze for company! The hotel was as peaceful as it gets, and we barely saw another soul during our stay. We timed our trip just before the peak season started, so luxuriously enjoyed having the hotel almost to ourselves.

It didn't take long to settle into the gentle pace of life there; sleeping so soundly in the softest, comfiest of beds, waking to the sun dappling and dancing across our bedroom, feasting like royalty at breakfast, as well as having first picks of where to sit each morning! 

Dining outdoors was a given. We wanted to make the most of the gorgeous weather which we hoped would follow us back home!

Now for a sneak peek of the delicious options that welcomed us at breakfast time. From homemade Spanish frittatas...

.... to freshly prepared salmon and guacamole sandwiches.

Basketful's of sliced loaves.

Delicious biscuits, sweet treats, jams and chutneys...

An assortment of fruits, homemade granola and yoghurts. 

Plump, golden pastries...

... and of course, a frothy coffee to kickstart our day!

It must be added that enjoying a hearty breakfast took its toll...

... and so we decided early on that this furry fellow below had the right idea!

We too, stretched out for the rest of the day in and out of the shade, settling by the pool on the sun loungers, relaxing and reading, whiling away blissful hours...

... until the sun would begin to fall and the cool evening air woke us from our slumbers!

Capturing the stunning sunset before retreating to our room, ready for a day of exploring Ibiza Old Town the following day.

For a wonderful cultural fix, you simply have to visit Ibiza Old Town if you are on the island.

Not only is it steeped in history, it's also filled with quaint cobbled streets, bursting with charm and character at every corner...

We took heaps of photos, but only a few have made their way onto this post, as I don't want to spoil all of the delights that await you!

We planned our mini break hoping for sunshine, fabulous food, and a place to stay where we could be sure to escape reality! Ca Na Xica provided the perfect pitstop for all of the above, and I cannot wait to return one day soon!