The Thoughtful Bread Co. - Bath

The first proper glimpse of Spring hit Bath last weekend as temperatures soared into the high teens. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it definitely felt like a mini heat wave, especially after months of being wrapped up in woolies! Sun-seekers stretched out on the lush green Royal Crescent park, gathering for picnics, games and a spot of sunbathing.

The city was pulsating with people keen to make the most of the wonderful weather, and, who can blame them?! Queueing for ice creams, Bath's popular visitor attractions, and filling the shops and eateries. Scott and I were up and out in time for breakfast, so headed straight to The Thoughtful Bread Co. where we were relieved to grab a table before it got too busy with the mid-morning rush of those in search of brunch. 

The Thoughtful Bread Co. is one of Bath's brilliant independents founded by Duncan Glendinning. This award-winning eco-artisan bakery provides the perfect pitstop for delicious coffees, sensational sweet treats and savoury bites.

Plump, golden loaves fill the shop window, all of which are free from preservatives and emulsifiers. The bakery prides itself on producing a mouth-watering range of everyday loaves, sourdough breads and other speciality breads, such as their signature "beetroot bread".

Already geared up for Easter, The Thoughtful Bread Co. is definitely the place to go for homemade hot cross buns!

I'm feeling ravenous just looking at them again!

Gorgeously golden and glossy, perfectly risen and generously glazed.

We browsed the menu and the counter...

...before settling on our choices.

I opted for a creamy 'Latte' (£2.50) with a healthy and filling 'House Granola' (£4.30) which was topped with yoghurt, a fruit jam, fresh slices of peach and dried strawberries.

The Thoughtful Bread Co-28.jpg

Scott enjoyed a frothy 'Mocha' (£2.80) alongside a delicious 'Bacon Sandwich' (£3.99).

Thick rashers of bacon sandwiched between homemade sourdough bread, and a tomato chutney. 

Check out my short video below, showcasing our breakfast in action!

We happily whiled away our Sunday morning at The Thoughtful Bread Co. Not only can you eat in or take away, but also learn how to bake Duncan's delicious variety of loaves by the master baker himself! You can check out his popular bread baking courses here.

Or of course, pick up a copy of Duncan and Patrick Ryan's 'Bread Revolution' cookbook, and test out your baking skills at home! Their book features over 60 step-by-step guide recipes, from "cider and apple bread to cinnamon swirls, potato and rosemary loaves to crusty sourdough"...