Peter Brown: A Bath Painter's Travels, Victoria Art Gallery - Bath

Bath-based artist, Peter Brown, always paints from his easel in a public domain, whether that be in a street, field or at the beach, and in any weather. At times when most of us would prefer to be tucked up in the dry, 'Pete the Street,' (as he is commonly known by Bathonian's) will be stood capturing his subject matter, 'en plein air.' Raindrops may fall onto his composition, and his scenery may shift and change around him, but it's these Impressionistic movements that define Peter's style and his prestige "as one of Britain's best plein air painters." A few days ago, I went to the Victoria Art Gallery to view Peter's exquisite collection of oil paintings and drawings from his current exhibition: Peter Brown: A Bath Painter's Travels...

Making my way towards the centre of Bath, huddling into my thick scarf (when will it ever be warm again?!) I made a beeline for the Victoria Art Gallery.

Before stepping inside, I took a brief (chilly) moment to enjoy photographing snippets of this Grade II* listed building...

Designed in 1897 by John McKean Brydon, this magnificent building was once partly used as a public library. However, at the turn of the twentieth century, books were replaced with art, and the Victoria Art Gallery was born! This majestic venue opened its doors as a free public art gallery to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee...

The museum filled its walls with works of art, and, over a century later, the Victoria Art Gallery is still functioning in the same way today. Granting visitors the opportunity to step into the art world, I for one couldn't wait to discover what Peter's exhibition had in store...

There are 140 new oil paintings and drawings on display, and each are arranged by location. First up; 'Bath and Nearby Villages, December 2014 - July 2016'...

An enchanting body of work that will certainly take you on a trip down memory lane if you have ever visited the city. And, for those who live in and around the area, Peter's depictions of Bath and nearby villages will be sure to mean something significant to you...

'Absolutely chucking it down, George Street from under the awning'
Oil on canvas
July 2016

(I told you Peter braves all the elements!)

'February, the Abbey, 5.00 - 6.30pm'
Oil on canvas
Started 14th February 2016

'Brock Street as the sun broke through'
Oil on board
17th March 2016

'Over Pulteney Bridge, the day Grayson Perry came to town'
Oil on board
Started 6th April 2016

'Early April evening, George Street'
Oil on board
Started 30th March 2016

'Sun after rain, Lansdown Crescent'
Oil on canvas
30th March 2016

'The Georgian post box, rain, Great Pulteney Street'
Oil on canvas
Started 29th March 2016

'The Beach, Royal Crescent'
Oil on board
Started 19th July 2016

I absolutely love the title of this masterpiece, it's so accurate! The Royal Crescent lawn certainly feels like heading to the beach in the summer (minus the sand and sea of course), as locals descend to this iconic lawn. Stretching out on beach towels to soak up the rays, some even brave it in bikini's, whilst others stoke up barbecues.

'Russell Street'
Charcoal on paper
19th July 2016

From Bath, to adventures in Glastonbury...

'Brexit Morning, the puddle angler, Green Field'
Oil on board
24th June 2016

Then on to paintings from 'Dublin, Ireland, 7 to 11 March 2016...'

'London, December 2015 to May 2016...'

'Granada and Seville, Spain, 1 to 5 Feb 2016...'

Arriving at works of art from Peter's travels in 'Udaipur and Varanasi, India, Feb 2012 - March 2015...'

The colours are so vivid, and the brush marks so frantic, that you almost feel caught up in the hustle and bustle of street life in India...

The exhibition rounds up at 'The Loire and Arles, France, 3 to 25 May 2016'...

'Afternoon light, arches, the Amphitheatre, Arles'
Oil on board
11th May 2015

I whiled away the most enjoyable hour at the exhibition and could not recommend a visit highly enough! Definitely make plans, if you haven't already, to pop in before it comes to an end on Sunday 19th February...

I would like to thank Peter Brown and the Victoria Art Gallery for kindly granting me permission to document my visit, and, for allowing me to upload my photographs of Peter's artwork to my website.