Yak Yeti Yak - Bath

There are parts of Bath that I don't often frequent, purely out of habit or because they are simply not on my radar. One such place is Pierrepont Street and the only time I tend to head there is if I am making a beeline for Bath Spa train station, or, journeying down to the Royal Mail Delivery Office to pick up parcels that couldn't be delivered! A street bustling with cars, buses, taxis and Deliveroo drivers making their way across the city, Pierrepont Street could almost be overlooked as a go-to dining destination. Well, how wrong am I! I recently discovered one of Bath's hidden gems. Fellow foodies, follow me this way to Yak Yeti Yak...

A traditional Nepalese restaurant awaits! Tucked below ground level of an 18th century listed townhouse, Yak Yeti Yak has been serving fresh home cooked food at this current location since 2007. Admittedly, I couldn't help but think the property in which the restaurant resides, could do with a good lick of paint, or some serious elbow grease to clean up the dirty stonework. However, I soon realised that first impressions definitely don't always count!

Let's step inside...

Once met by our friends, who recommended we dine here, as they have done multiple times, and now consider themselves regulars, Scott and I couldn't wait to dive indoors!

Yak Yeti Yak is a family-run restaurant, offering customers a truly authentic Nepalese dining experience. There is the option to enjoy your food on low tables, sat on floor cushions, the traditional Nepalese way! Or, to dine as Scott and I would do, at a table with chairs (or when at home, often from the sofa!) From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly waitress who showed us to our table and presented us with menus.

Sharing dishes are always a great idea, especially when catching up with friends, as it certainly sets the tone for a fun, informal and relaxed rendezvous! We began with deep fried popadoms; 'Kurum Kurum', (£0.90 each) and a creamy 'Fresh Raita' (£1.10 - small, or, £2.70 - large).

Alongside our appetisers, I opted for a freshly brewed ginger and cinnamon herbal tea. A wonderfully heady, clean tasting tea which I am definitely going to make at home.

For the mains, the menu suggests ordering 3 individual meat or vegetable dishes, a rice, a daal and achar - based on two sharing. So between the four of us, it is safe to say, we feasted like kings! Shiny golden platters arrived to our table, filled with the most fragrant, freshly cooked ingredients. A goblet loaded with 'Bhuteko Bhat' (£3.50) - 'fried rice nepalese style with turmeric, mustard seeds and mixed vegetables' was cooked to perfection...

... As was each of the meat dishes. We opted for the 'Yak Yeti Yak Chicken' (£8.40); tender chicken stir-fried with sweet fenugreek peppers and a secret masala blend, topped with freshly chopped parsley. Definitely a stand out dish, and one I would order again in a heartbeat!

The 'Yak Yeti Yak Lamb' (£8.90) was also an instant hit; slow cooked pieces of lamb stir-fried with cumin, peppers and tossed in that secret masala blend.

Our third and final meat dish was the 'Lamb Tamar' (£8.40); slow cooked lamb with crunchy bamboo shoots, black-eyed peas and creamy potatoes. Each and every bite took us all to food heaven!

From meat to veg, and a generous portion of 'Chamsur Sag' (£6.50); wilted spinach and watercress stir-fried with a classic blend of aromatic herbs and spices.

There was also the 'Chyauko Tarkari' (£6.30); mushrooms gently stir-fried in a house mix of freshly ground spices and caramelised tomatoes. And the 'Maasko Dal Reg' (£3.90 - Small, or, £2.90 - large) which consisted of black lentils simmered in mild spices and fried with herb infused ghee.

We piled up our plates and got stuck in...

Each and every bite as tasty as the last, and then to top off our Nepalese evening, we indulged in homemade puddings. We left room (only just!) for the 'Chiyaa Ice-Cream' (£5.20) and, thank goodness we did!

Hands down, the most scrumptious, decadent, indulgent ice-cream going! Infused with spiced tea, the ice-cream was silky smooth and hit the tastebuds with an explosion of delicately sweet yet mildly spicy flavour notes.

Whilst Scott and I polished off our pud, our friends shared the 'Gaajarko Tartlet' (£5.10); a sweetened spiced carrot tartlet accompanied by vanilla ice cream. They gave the dish a big thumbs up too!

If you fancy dining out like kings, then look no further! Put Pierrepont Street on your radar (if it's not already) and Yak Yeti Yak on your restaurant hit list this month!

For details on how to find them and the all important food and drinks menu, please head here.