Jars Meze - Bath


If you haven't stumbled across Northumberland Place, you simply have to pay this quaint cobbled street a visit the next time you're passing through the centre of Bath. It's filled with an eclectic mix of shops, a bakers, delicatessen, jewellers and Bath's smallest pub. After all of that shopping and lusting over diamonds, you'll be begging for a seat and a bite to eat. 

If it's a warm and sunny day (best be quick, as autumn is upon us!) then I definitely suggest opting for a table outside at Jars Meze; they have everything set up for eating al fresco. 

I have a real thing for Greek food; you may have noticed if you've read any of my prior blog posts, such as my homemade dakos or saganaki recipes. However, nothing beats a truly authentic Greek dining experience. So I was in for a treat when I discovered Jars Meze on Northumberland Place; a small family run Greek restaurant who freshly prepare all of their food on site. Time to support one of Bath's wonderful independent businesses!

Having grabbed the last table outside in the sunshine, I couldn't wait to bury my head in the menu, whilst sipping on an ice cold glass of apple juice.

To begin, a traditional helping of 'Politiki Melitzanosalata: Smoked Aubergines, slow cooked with Olive Oil, Feta Cheese, Garlic and Greek Spices' (£4.50)

Not forgetting the all important addition of pitta bread! 

Perfect for dunking into the smokey politiki melitzanosalata.

My friend who was visiting for the day, chose one of my all time favourites; 'Kalamarakia Tiganita: Squid coated with Cornflour deep fried in a pan.' (£6.90) The most delicious fried calamari coated in a light (non-greasy) coating of cornflour, and a generous helping of crunchy salad and a creamy, fishy dip!

For our mains, we both chose the Special Of The Day; 'Gyros: Greek Pork Meat on a vertical rotisserie served with Pita Bread, Chips and Tzatziki.' (£9.50)

Thanks to the sun kissing our shoulders, the relaxed atmosphere outside, the traditional dishes served; it wasn't hard to imagine ourselves seated in a friendly taverna in Greece!

Jars Meze-48.jpg

We enjoyed our mains but both commented that the pork meat is great if you like your fat! The dish was as traditional and Greek as it gets!

Now, a Greek meze would not be complete without an apéritif. Our waitress (a smiley young girl who was very attentive throughout our meal, and daughter of the Jars Meze family) presented us both with a vivid pink thimble of ouzo.

The reason it was party pink?! Cranberry juice and ouzo combined! Typically, I wince after a sip of ouzo as I am not the biggest fan of the overpowering aniseed flavours, but, the cranberry juice masked those spicy, powerful notes. Mmm, Yamas!

Alas, we couldn't find room for the tempting array of homemade sweet treats...

My perfect excuse to pay Jars Meze a second visit soon. This time, I will be taking my man, and l cannot wait to share the delicious experience with him.

If you are a lover of Greek food then I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with Jars Meze. The food isn't fancy, so don't expect delicately presented dishes here. Instead, the food is lovingly prepared from the kitchen and piled high onto plates. Go on an empty tummy, and choose the most traditional sounding dishes, or, if you are a newbie to Greek cuisine, ask the helpful waitress for her advice, as she will certainly point you in the right direction. Now then, bury your head in that menu as it's time to tempt you!