Out of Office - Travel Checklist


Summer seemed to race by and now the autumn is upon us. Here's hoping for an Indian summer in Bath! If only I could guarantee some long sun soaked days ahead of us this month, just before it's time to swap out sandals for ankle boots and unleash those trusty woollen jumpers from the back of the wardrobe. Alas, I cannot help, but, we could just go off in search of the sunshine instead, couldn't we?!


Scott and I will be heading on our summer holiday shortly, and it can't come soon enough! Over the last few days I have been busy compiling check lists, buying from the Travel Shop in Boots, and, enjoying a last minute haul in H&M! So, what should we take on board our lengthy 12 hour flight (eeek!)... Well, first things first, comfort is key. Ensure you have a soft pair of trousers that you can curl up in - you'll be sat in them for some time! Also, bring along a sleep mask to trap out the light. How about this cute Etsy 'Cream Sweet Treats' one? A comfortable cushion to rest your head or neck on, if there's space in the carry on that is. I'd definitely take this lovely Emma Bridgewater 'Embroidered White Cushion' with me. Not forgetting a cosy, warm pair of socks or slippers, such as these smart The White Company 'Cashmere Ballet Slippers'. 


Next - the gadgets to keep you entertained! Of course, there will be heaps of movies and tv shows to catch up on while you're up in the air, but, when you fancy a break from the screen, it'll be nice to dip into your Kindle, favourite magazines, or, even do a spot of writing. I love this cute 'Black Scroll Slim Notebook' I spotted in Emma Bridgewater. Don't forget a portable charger such as this 'Small Portable Charger' by Ted Baker, and, those all important headphones too; you'll be the envy of fellow passengers in a pair of these trendy Kreafunk 'Ahead Headphones'! You're bound to feel the need to cancel out any noise around you whilst you try to sleep or get stuck into a good book. 


Lastly, and most importantly, you'll need to keep hydrated. Being confined in a plane for an extended period of time will not do your skin any favours. So, pack your favourite smelling hand cream - mine's this Yes To 'Coconut Protecting Hand and Cuticle Cream' (I just love anything that smells of coconuts!) And, a silky smooth lip balm like Mr Natty's 'Pleasant Pucker Lip Salve.' Pack all your much needed necessities into a handy carry on bag; I love this 'Quilted Nylon Zip Pocket Holdall' I spied on ASOS. It's got useful compartments, perfect for popping in those bits and pieces you want easy access to. I think that's all the bases covered. However, here is an additional list of items I will be taking with me on the plane (obviously #1 is a given for us all!)

1 - PASSPORTS and those all important travel documents!

2 - A laptop or iPad with your favourite TV shows already uploaded from home. Definitely recommend doing this, just incase the worse happens and the TV screen in front of you doesn't work. Those 12 hours could end up feeling verrrrrrrrry long and tiresome indeed! Oh, and a set of playing cards if all else fails!

3 - Hand gel, a pocket size hair brush, roll on deodorant, face & body wipes, a subtle smelling body spray (you don't want anything too strong or overpowering, as the smells will linger, and potentially aggravate other passengers) and a travel size toothpaste/toothbrush. 

4 - A soft sweater or pashmina to snuggle into.

5 - This may sound a little random but I'll pack an extra t-shirt or top to change into midway through the flight. You'll feel instantly refreshed (as long as you bring along all of #3 too!)

6 - A pair of flip flops; there's nothing worse than feeling too hot on a plane. Cool your feet off with those wet wipes then pop on your flip flops. 

7 - Chewing gum, your favourite boiled sweets (for take off!), and, several pouches of Minstrels, Maltesers and Galaxy Counters - Yum!

8 - Sunglasses! You'll definitely be needing these the moment you step off of the plane into that glorious, bright tropical sunshine.

*That's it from me for a couple of weeks! Cocktails are calling...!*