Dinerama - London


Walking along the busy, hot city streets, passing buskers and musicians earning their keep, we followed our noses towards Dinerama. Located at 19 Great Eastern Street, this fabulous street feasting venue is the perfect playground for any instagrammer...

Walking towards the vibrant signage immediately puts a smile on your face, and that's not just because we happened to be there on a gloriously warm, bright sunny day!

In we popped, scouting out the different food joints, until we spotted Yum Bun. 

Before we could get our chops around those pillowy soft steamed buns, we had to choose from the menu.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Meat eaters through and through, we opted for Pork and Chicken. 

'Slowly Roasted Pork Belly, Cucumbers, Spring Onions and Hoi Sin Sauce' for me. (£4 per steamed bun, or, £7 for two).


The pork was tender, caramelised and melt-in-the-mouth ridiculously delicious! As was the crisp cucumber, finely chopped spring onions and sticky rich hoi sin sauce accompaniments.

'Japanese Fried Chicken, Mayo, Lettuce and Chilli Pickles' for Scott. We shared the four freshly prepared steamed buns between us. There was just enough to satisfy our hunger!

Moving on from our Yum Buns, we couldn't resist a little something sweet to end on...

I know, I dough'nut believe it either! Doughnuts with salted caramel sauce or melted chocolate?!!!

Ah, we would have had one of each but 'You Doughnut' didn't accept card transactions, and we only had a couple of coins left in our purses. Shoreditch and Spitalfields earlier that day had left dents in our wallets! So, after much deliberation, we put our money on 'Malted Milk Choc - Malted Chocolate Sauce with a Malteaser and Biscuit Crumb.' We went for the 'Regular' size which cost £3. 

SO worth it.

Truly decadent, naughty, chocolatey heaven. Oh, and absolutely totally unforgiving on the waistline!

But you've got to live a little, right?!

Our experience at Dinerama was a fun, fast, and finger licking fantastic affair! The next time you are in East London on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or, Sunday (it's open from noon until late!), you should definitely make time to squeeze in a visit. Swat up on the food joints before you get there, as you'll be spoilt for choice and you'll want to grab a table quick (it gets super busy!) Pop over to their website for all the street feast browsing your heart desires!