Chairs & Coffee - Fulham Road, London


Who fancies brunch on Saturday at Chairs & Coffee on Fulham Road?!

We do!

Scott, myself and our friends were soon grabbing four chairs one Saturday morning a few weekends ago. Incase it crosses your mind... Not the ones below, they were for display purposes only!

Scanning the menu whilst intermittently catching up on everybody's news, we soon finalised our order of drinks and bites.

What could be better on a warm summer's day in London than a refreshing 'Iced Latte?!' (£2.70)

Coffee and Chairs-10.jpg

How about a healthy 'Iced Matcha Tea?' (£2.70) Admittedly, it was not quite to my liking, I preferred Scott's, so we did a quick swap!

A visit to Chairs & Coffee would not be complete without a perusal of the Espresso Bar. A frothy 'Cappuccino' (£2.50) - tick!

Whilst waiting for our food, I couldn't help but admire the quirky wall decor and furnishings. Why be boring and place all of your wooden chairs on the floor, when they could be hanging up on display?! 

Coffee and Chairs--3.jpg

Owners, Simone and Roberto, opened and built Chairs & Coffee at the beginning of 2013. Having previously worked together at a restaurant in London in 2006, they then went their separate ways, Simone to Central America, and, Roberto back to his homeland in Verona, Italy. Both followed their passion of working with coffee, and, the wealth of knowledge they learnt on their travels put them in good stead when they launched Chairs & Coffee.

Judging from the many happy diners, including ourselves, it's clear to see that Chairs & Coffee is a popular haunt for Londoners. I mean, just check out this delicious offering of 'Avocado on Sourdough Toast!' (£4.90) 

Crisp toast slathered in creamy avocado, chilli flakes, black sesame seeds and lime. Mmm, only to be topped off with an additional helping of salty 'Feta marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herbs and Spices.' (£1.50) D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

Scott opted for 'Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough Toast with Parma Ham and Truffle Olive Oil.' (£6.90) Simply scrumptious, I can vouch for that! The hint of truffle olive oil was not at all overpowering, instead, it complimented the salty parma ham and scrambled eggs perfectly.

After several coffee fuelled, fun hours, we were soon saying our goodbyes. Not before taking a final few snaps of the interiors and tasty offerings by the Espresso Bar though!

If you haven't paid Chairs & Coffee a visit yet, then tick tock, it's coffee a'clock! 

Tell your friends to meet you there for brunch next Saturday :) You can check out Chairs & Coffee here!