Columbia Road Flower Market - East London


What could be better than waking up to a gloriously sunny Sunday morning? A trip to a sweet smelling flower market of course! After a luxurious stay at Devonshire Club, Scott and I meandered our way through a busy, bustling Spitafields Market, in search of Columbia Road.

Open every Sunday from 8am until 3pm (ish!) come rain or shine, Columbia Road Flower Market is packed full of flower sellers hollering out their bargain prices; "Everythin for a fiver!" you'll hear from stall to stall!

Feeling like kids in a candy store, we wanted everything! We spotted beautiful speciality roses, radiant sunflowers, colourful hydrangeas the size of small footballs as well as plants and foliage of every variety...

With so much up for grabs, it was inevitably packed full of buyers from the moment we arrived.

With the sun beating down and hoards of Londoners squeezing into the narrow street holding up fragile fresh bunches above their heads, it was a somewhat hot, frantic affair!

We arrived around midday, so if being surrounded by crowds makes you anxious, I would suggest getting to the market first thing, or, closer to 3pm, when I imagine it's quieter. Don't hold me to it though, it might be worth doing your homework before venturing there perhaps!

Fortunately the swarms of people didn't phase us. We persevered and soon our patience paid off as we spied 20 white roses selling for, you name it, a fiver! 

Figuring out how our roses would make the long journey back to Bath was the question! Well, our roses have been going strong for the last two weeks since we bought them, so, no need to worry if you have a similar journey back home too... 

You simply have to visit Columbia Road Flower Market if you are in East London on a Sunday! It's one of those experiences that cheers the soul! Besides, if you have a wedding to plan, or, a celebration on the horizon, then you know where to head! Cheap prices galore and great quality flowers await you!

Want to find out more? Just click this link, it'll take you straight to the flower market's website :)