Dough - Bath


If you want a 'pizza' the action, then take your hungry tribe down to Dough for a delicious lunch or dinner one day this week! Located in the heart of Bath city centre, along The Corridor, Dough is an authentically run Italian 'artisan pizzeria.' By 'authentic,' I mean, the chefs are Italian (not the waiters or waitresses, as far as I am aware) so you get a real taste of Italian cooking. Not only in the taste of the freshly prepared food, but also from the theatre in the kitchen too. We enjoyed watching the chefs, who have been making pizza's for years, prepare our bases. We marvelled as circles of dough were thrown high in the air with such precision and skill. 

Having opened its doors for the first time earlier this year, Dough has been a restaurant on my radar for the last few months. So, I was pretty excited when I peered into my fridge one evening after work last week, to see it was staring emptily back at me. Hooray! It was our perfect excuse to spend the night dining on pizza!

We arrived to a smartly appointed restaurant, with friendly, attentive staff welcoming us in. Once seated by the window facing The Corridor, we scanned the menus.

Bypassing antipasto's, pastas and gnocchi, we headed straight for the pizza menu...

Whilst deciphering over which pizza toppings we fancied, Scott selected Sicily's most famous beer, a 'Birra Messina' (£3.80) brewed in Messina, Sicily.

Cheers to that! 

We then made our choices; a 'Pepperoni' (£11.95) for me and a '4 Formaggi' (£13.95) for Scott. We watched on as our pizzas were thrusted into the flaming oven. It wasn't long before they came back out again and headed to our table.

If you are a lover of cheese, the '4 Formaggi' will be right up your street! Strong, rich cheeses melted into one another, over a soft centred dough and crisp crust.

Or, if a rich tomatoey base is what you tend to make a beeline for, then the classic pepperoni pizza is the perfect alternative. Still steaming from the oven, it tasted so fresh, flavoursome and spicy. 

Having polished off the pizzas, we almost bypassed puddings, until we saw they served up 'Tiramisu Alla Nutella' (£4.95). How could we resist! It would be rude not too, right?!

Each delicious, decadent mouthful was just as good as the last! It was creamy, rich, chocolatey and so, so good; just as a tiramisu should be!

After the last spoonful, we slowly made our way back home, taking a short detour through the city to stretch our legs. 

I'm sure it won't be long before we return to Dough! If you beat us to it, then here is the number you'll need if you plan to book a table in advance: 01225 443686. Don't forget to check them out via their fab website too!