Casa San Ruffino - Le Marche, Italy


For mamma's perfect homemade pasta, fine wines and temperatures of 28ºC+ (during the summer months), where else springs to mind but Italy! As we all know, Italy is a popular holiday destination almost anytime of the year, but even more so during the peak summer months. Avoiding swarms of other tourists can often be unavoidable, especially if you head for Tuscany, Rome, Florence or Venice. For our Italian break, Scott and I had something a little off the radar in mind. We wanted a less touristy, less pricey slice of Italy, where we would be one of just a few tourists dining out and visiting local attractions. After some online researching, we came across the eastern region of Le Marche, sitting between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea.

We were sold (on the region)! There was just one very important decision to make, where would we stay? After lengthy searches, we spotted it! Highly rated and pictures to die for, we soon booked an eight night stay at Casa San Ruffino. A beautifully appointed farmhouse, situated in Montegiorgio, in the Province of Fermo, in Le Marche. Owned and managed by Claire and Ray Gorman, this elegant, rustic B&B feels as though it has come out of a fairytale.

Nestled high on a hill, overlooking lush green valleys and pretty Medieval hilltop villages, the property boasts magnificent panoramic views of unspoilt countryside, both day and night...

We couldn't wait to get settled into our new home for the week!

Casa San Ruffino has four air-conditioned guest rooms, each stylishly appointed with modern amenities and luxury touches. 

Perfect if you fancy a romantic get away as a couple (parents please note, children under 14 will have to stay home with the grandparents!)

Given that we have not yet made it into parenthood, we didn't have to worry about babysitters or bribery, it was just us and our suitcases!

After a quick freshen up from our 4am wake up call earlier that morning, we couldn't wait to check out our new surroundings...

Out through the French doors and into the landscaped garden we went...

Admiring gorgeous foliage and fresh fruits along the way!

Past the sweet smelling lavender bushes and hum of busy bees and butterflies...

To the dreamiest of swimming pools!

Admittedly it was ice cold! But, what a welcome relief from the midday sun it was.

We were soon dipping in and out of it all week.

Our perfect week felt like it melted away in an instant, as holidays always do! We enjoyed every minute of our break at Casa San Ruffino. Its simplicity is what appealed to us the most. Rather than sit watching tv at night (you won't find one in the rooms anyway), we played scrabble or sipped on wine and chatted late into the evening.

Cracked open a bottle and it's only mid-afternoon! 🙊🍾 #itsokay #onholiday 🙌

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A week of sunshine, homemade pasta, cheese and wine definitely gets a big thumbs up from me!

Casa San Ruffino is a magical place to visit! A haven of peace, tranquility, charm and elegance in the heart of the sweeping rustic Italian countryside awaits you. I would more than recommend a trip there, you simply have to go, go, go!!

Please check out their website for all the finer details regarding accommodation, booking, location, prices etc.