OM Skincare - Space NK


If you read my Beauty Haul, which I posted earlier this year, you may remember me saying that I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to replenishing my beauty box. However, last week, I was offered the opportunity to test a couple of luxury skincare products that have recently landed on the shelves at Space NK. It was high time I changed old habits, so I was excited to try out something new. The brand in question? Welcome to the world of OM Skincare; a luxury capsule collection which will "restore balance and radiance to even the most sensitive skin."

Last Friday morning, I was invited to Space NK in Bath, to meet Dr Om Prawarisa, cosmetic and pharmaceutical scientist, and, founder of OM Skincare. Camera in one hand, and a peppermint tea in the other, I was ready to settle in and discuss all things beauty. I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday morning at work, can you?!

Dr Om had journeyed down from her base in London to offer mini skincare consultations in store, and promote her perfectly packaged products. I couldn't wait to find out all about her capsule collection.

There are currently five "transformative" and "multi functioning" products in Dr Om's range, and their complex formulas ensure they are "perfect for all skin types." In addition, the range can be adapted to perform in any climate, so there's no need to swap your creams and cleansers when travelling abroad. Well, this is just music to my ears! It makes so much sense to invest in a product that can be taken everywhere you go, rather than doubling up on beauty buys as you stop off at Duty Free! Save those pennies for the perfumes!

The philosophy of OM Skincare is not only to transform, protect and preserve your skin, but also to encourage mindfulness. Quite simply, "a meditation for your skin."

After discovering all about OM Skincare, Dr Om kindly showed me how I could use several products at once, thus, showcasing their multi functional usage. For best results, use the Daily Radiance Moisturiser (which can be used as both day and night cream) with a few drops of the Revitalising Beauty Booster, as demonstrated by Dr Om below.

Both products will improve the "texture and tone of the skin" and together, target moisture deep into the skin.

Before I discovered OM Skincare, I was using Kiehl's 'Washable Cleansing Milk,' as part of my evening skincare routine. However, after learning about the physical and emotional benefits of Dr Om's Pure Glow Cleanser, I couldn't wait to put it to the test!

So far, I have been impressed with the Pure Glow Cleanser which I have been using to take off my make up at night. My skin already feels more dewy and perhaps a little brighter too. I love that the cleanser doesn't feel sticky or foamy to touch either. Instead, the gel like texture leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth and balmy. Furthermore, I have found that you only need to press down on the pump action dispenser once, to retrieve the perfect amount of gel to cleanse the face.

As well as the cleanser, I was excited to test out Dr Om's Revitalising Beauty Booster. After cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin, I have been applying a few drops of the Revitalising Beauty Booster around my eyes, forehead and neck. I have found that it refreshes and awakens my skin, especially as it feels cold once applied. The product also smells really fresh and clean and has delicious fruit notes of apple and cucumber extract. Dr Om recommends taking this pocket-sized product with you when you're on the go too. Ideal if you are commuting to and from work on crowded, stuffy trains or buses, and need a quick, refreshing fix to cool you down.

I definitely fall into the 'sensitive skin' category, but can safely say that the Pure Glow Cleanser and Revitalising Beauty Booster have been kind to my skin. I have not experienced any unwanted blemishes, blotches or outbreaks of spots or redness. *I can only comment on two of the five products in Dr Om's range that I have tried and tested at home.* So if you are on the hunt for a new beauty buy, and looking to tackle tired, dry or even oily skin, I would suggest popping into your local Space NK store. Find an assistant and ask them to show you the OM Skincare range; have a play with the testers and see what you make of the products. I think you will be surprised and delighted with the results they achieve.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Dr Om, Clare Forde PR Agency, and the helpful, friendly assistants at Space NK in Bath, for inviting me to review OM Skincare and for kindly sending me the gorgeous samples photographed below. 

You can take a look at the entire range of OM Skincare here.