Bath Skyline Walk


It's time to find your perfect picnic partner and hunt down those trusty old pair of trainers or hiking boots. I have an adventure that will take us through orchards, meadows, woodlands and hidden valleys; are you ready to join me?!

First things first, to ensure you are well equipped, I suggest popping your picnic in a backpack to save the hassle of carrying it. Plus, don't forget to take plenty of water, and even a flask of coffee if you fancy. In addition, even though the trail is well sign posted, it might be helpful to print off the route details here before you set off. 

The National Trust's Bath Skyline Walk is a "moderate" 6 mile (9.6km) circular walk (hike, in parts!) which begins at Bathwick Hill... (

With such gorgeous views over the city on Bathwick Hill, you may find it tempting to settle down on the golden bed of buttercups and begin tucking into your sandwiches and sausage rolls! But, hold fire! The walk has only just begun and we still have 3 and a half hours to go!

Scott and I picked a bright and beautiful Spring morning to take on the Bath Skyline trail. Armed with our map and supplies, we began padding through lush green fields, and, along the way, bumped into these late risers finishing off their breakfast.

Onwards we walked to the honey coloured Georgian terraced houses (Macaulay Buildings - pictured below), on Widcombe Hill.

Keeping a lookout for the next signpost, we crossed over at the road beyond the houses and followed a steep ascent towards...

Claverton Down...

Venturing through another canopy of trees...

N.B - Look out for the haunted looking house on the hill, (pictured below) as you can decide here, whether to make a short detour to Prior Park to "see a beautiful and intimate landscape garden with Palladian Bridge; one of only four in the world." (

On this occasion, we decided to stick to the route...

If you live in Bath and the Skyline Walk is something you are yet to tick off the list, then definitely make plans with a walking companion this weekend! Or, better still, over the forthcoming May bank holiday weekend. I swear, nothing beats being in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by a canopy of trees and birds busily singing. I feel lucky I have the Bath Skyline Walk on my doorstep. I can't wait to see how different the landscape looks in the winter months! 

If you do decide to go for this perfect pick-me-up adventure, don't forget, you'll burn a stack of calories en route too! "On average, people [burn] 735 calories (kcal) during this walk - almost enough to meet the minimum amount of physical activity that the government recommends that people perform each week." Happy hiking and picnicking! (