Yoga with Sweaty Betty


Do your weeks' sometimes just fly by? It is suddenly Sunday before you know it and a fresh new week is just one sleep away. If like me, you tend to find yourself rushing from A to B with work deadlines, household chores and social commitments (plus the rest!), it can often leave your head in a bit of a spin. Typically, our bodies come to a complete standstill when it is time for bed, and, even then, the mind can still be working overtime. Well, this is where yoga comes in very useful; I recently joined a yoga course in Bath, and I think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The time I spend in the studio enables my body and mind to take an hour out of the day and focus in on itself. Thoughts of the outside world can be pushed to one side; it's time to unwind!

If you haven't tried yoga before, I would definitely recommend it. I don't want you to be misguided on which class to take as I am no expert, so I suggest getting in touch with a yoga studio near you. How I may be able to help however, is to suggest a look to wear to a class that I feel is both trendy and practical. To ensure I was well equipped for my class, I wanted to make sure what I was wearing felt comfortable, so that I could move more fluidly into the various poses. That's when I turned to Sweaty Betty; a "chain retailer of fashionable women's sport and exercise clothing, underwear and accessories."

These pretty printed leggings teamed with the grey vest would look great with the neon coloured Yarma padded bra. Complete the look with this Luxe gym bag, perfect for carrying any essentials and a bottle of water. I recently spotted this funky HydrateM8 water bottle and wanted it straight away! Its fun design allows you to keep an eye on how much liquid you are consuming in a day - genius! Check out my look below...