Easter Egg Muffins


Easter is on our doorstep (which definitely means it's ok to have chocolate for breakfast on Sunday - I'll be starting with Nutella on toast followed by one chocolate Easter egg, or two...!) The Easter bunny is busy getting the last of his chocolate eggs ready to deliver to all the gardens across the land! Sadly, he will not be visiting us this year as we don't own a garden, not even a balcony where he could hide some chocolatey gifts. So, I have had to do something about it myself this year, and that's when I decided to make my very own homemade chocolate marbled muffins. However, these are no ordinary muffins; don't be fooled by their very ordinary exterior! A particularly delicious treat may be concealed within the centre of each... But, you'll have to read on before I reveal all!

You will need:

300 g plain flour

125 g melted butter

125 g caster sugar

2 eggs

250 ml milk

2 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tsp baking powder

*The surprise! - a handful of Creme eggs, Galaxy eggs, Oreo eggs, Mini eggs (the choice is yours) ready to be stuffed inside each muffin!

100 g white chocolate (for the topping)

*This is a totally homemade (tried and tested on us prior to posting!) recipe.*

Start by measuring all of the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl; the flour, caster sugar and baking powder.

Next, crack two eggs into a separate bowl and whisk until smooth. Melt the butter in a saucepan over a low heat then allow to cool for about 5 minutes, before adding that and the eggs to the dry ingredients. Whisk quickly to create a smooth, glossy batter. 

Now you can add the milk...

Once you have made the plain sponge batter, half the mixture so that you now have two bowls on the go! One with the plain sponge mixture, the second will become the chocolate sponge, after you add the cocoa powder and whisk...

With both batters set aside ready to ladle into the muffin cases, prepare the muffin case tray. Spoon the plain sponge mixture into the cases first, ensuring they only fill half way to the top. Then add the chocolate sponge filling...

It's time to add the chocolate surprise; I picked out Creme eggs, Galaxy eggs and Mini eggs. Squish an egg into the middle of the batter (or ~three Mini eggs per muffin if you prefer).

Then ladle over the rest of the chocolate sponge so the mixture covers each egg. You don't want to give the game away after all! 

Finally, using a Chinese chopstick, or a knife, swirl the top of each muffin so that both batters mix together (being careful not to expose the egg). This ensures the muffins have that marbled finish, once cooked.

Pop in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Remove as soon as the muffins have a nice dome shape, and they are golden brown in colour.

Leave the muffins to cool for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, you can melt the white chocolate in a heat-proof ramekin dish, over a saucepan of simmering water. Once melted, grab a whisk and dip into the molten chocolate. This is the fun bit, go as crazy as you like and decorate the tops of each of the muffins! 

Conscious of how many calories are already hiding in these chocolate Easter egg muffins, I refrained from adding more decorations on top. However, if you are heading to a party this weekend, why not add a sprinkle of colourful 100's and 1000's, or a scatter of mini eggs?! If you do, don't forget to send me a picture on TwitterFacebook or Insta