Simple Saganaki

I have a delicious recipe inspired by my travels to Greece; it goes by the name of saganaki and it is super simple to make. Here are the ingredients you will need:

200 g Odysea Greek saganaki kefalotyri cheese (bought from Waitrose)

A couple of wedges of fresh lemon

5 tbsp flour

500 ml water

Salt 'n' pepper

Olive oil

Saganaki Ingredients

Remove the kefalotyri cheese from its packaging (by using the Odysea branded cheese above, you will find that it's already sliced into two pieces). Prepare a bowl of cold water and dunk one slice of cheese at a time.


Ensure the cheese is completely submerged in the water...


Remove from the water and let the last of the droplets run off.


Sprinkle flour over both sides of the cheese evenly.

Saganaki With Flour

You can pop the cheese into a bowl of flour if you find that easier, and shake off any flour that isn't sticking to the cheese.

Saganaki With Flour
Saganaki With Flour

When both slices of cheese have been sprinkled with water and flour, then set aside whilst you heat one tbsp of oil into a frying pan over a medium heat.


Before the oil begins to smoke, introduce both slices to the pan.

Saganaki in Pan

Using your own judgement here, flip the cheese over once it is golden brown on one side and bubbles begin to appear at the surface. 

Saganaki In Pan

Remove from the pan and pop on a plate, squeeze over a little lemon juice then get stuck in!

Squeezing Lemon Over Saganaki
Saganaki On A Plate