Christmas Gift Guide 2016


It's not too late...! That's what I keep telling myself this week as I still have a number of people to buy for. But truly, it really isn't too late to get any Christmas shopping finally under wraps (if you pardon the pun!) Admittedly, if you were planning on some last minute online shopping in the next day or two you will have missed the boat (that set sail earlier this week!). However, if you live in Bath, you are definitely still in luck.

So, with all this in mind, I have decided to create a series of gift guides for the all important people in your life. You may find them helpful, you may not, but I hope some of the ideas offer inspiration. Hopefully they may send you heading to these lovely shops over the next day or two. I certainly feel very fortunate to live in Bath as we have amazing, creative independent businesses on our doorsteps. Of course, there are the major retail brands here too, but wherever possible, I like to shop locally. I have thus scoured the shops of Bath and picked out some favourite items I have found along the way.

So then, better late than never as they say! Let's go shopping!

*Please note - I have copied all of these images from websites as part of my 'wishlist'. Underneath each image is a description of the item highlighted in bold. Please click on the details to take you to the relevant websites.


Christmas Gift Ideas.jpg

First up, the boys... Of course, if you are not a Bathonian, the Bath Rugby jersey from Bath Rugby Official Shop may not be what you had in mind! However, if your man loves rugby, or your Brother/Father/Friend (you get my drift!) happens to support a Rugby team, then this gift may be just the ticket. Rugby and beer go hand in hand, so a keg of festive ale from Bath Ales would make the perfect combined present. Or, if he has a sweet tooth (yikes, who doesn't!) then delicious chunks of homemade cinder toffee or dark chocolate mango pieces from The Foodie Bugle will go down a treat. If he loves to cook, then A, he's a keeper! and B, how about a wonderful new cookbook to add to his/your collection? I picked out this charming illustrated 'The Bath Cook Book' as a thoughtful, sentimental gift for my fellow Bathonian! A home can never have too much art, I feel that should be a motto (maybe it already is?) This stunning, vivid wall plate by New York based artist; John Derian, will certainly brighten up an unused space. Find this decoupage plate and much more at Lola Swift's pop-up shop in Bath which is open until 29th December... Go, go, go!


Christmas Gift Ideas

Now to the girls... You simply can't go wrong with buying some elegant accessories. This fun rainbow scarf from Homefront Interiors is a fabulous, timeless fashion piece which could be worn all year round. I love this pretty necklace from Nickie Portman's boutique collection too. It can't be Christmas without a festive brooch! Well your luck is in over at Bill Skinner. The lady in your life will be delighted to receive a new addition to her collection of mugs (count me in please!) This simple but stylish Swedish pottery coffee mug from The Salcombe Trading Company is sure to find a happy home. Now that we are on the theme of what to buy for coffee/tea lovers, then definitely check out Avenida Home for their amazing collections of placemats, table mats and coasters. I LOVE this Alice in Wonderland coaster! My last treat for the girls; a sumptuous soap gift set brought to you by Lucy Simon at Article.


Christmas Gift Ideas

For your Brother and Sister-in-Law, Mum and Dad (you see where I am going with this) a joint gift can hide a multitude of sins! By that I mean, buying one lovely, thoughtful gift rather than lots of little ones when time is of the essence, will certainly save you darting from shop to shop. This striking sky blue Glass Roman Jug from Bath Aqua Glass would look simply stunning on a dining room table. I'd use it as a water jug for special occasions, or as a jug for Pimm's in the summer. If you know a couple who love their liqueur, then how about gifting them a recipe book packed full of delicious cocktails from Parragon Books? Buy on Amazon with Prime if you have that and your parcel will arrive tomorrow (Friday 23rd Dec). Perhaps the people you have in mind have recently bought a house together and a trendy salt and pepper mill wasn't bought for them on their wedding list? Pop into Robert Welch for all the designer kitchenware you need. Now that we are on the topic of gifts for the kitchen, have you seen these gorgeous Alice Tait Shop espresso cups? Ideal if you know any Londoners! Alice's online shop is now closed for Christmas, but you'll still be able to buy her gorgeous goodies from John Lewis. If every year you exchange Christmassy tea towels, then look no further than this utterly charming one I fell in love with in The Salcombe Trading Company. Lastly, have your friends or a family member recently had a baby? Or even if their little one is walking and talking, this beautiful cut-out artwork by Bertie & Jack would be such a thoughtful gift to give...


Christmas Gift Ideas

For the little people in your life, whether they be yours or a loved ones you hold dear, I have a very sweet collection of gift ideas to share with you. Most of these items I located in Spotty Herberts, in fact, all bar one! I'll start with the one that I saw in Graham & Green; this delightful little mouse who lives in a matchbox. I can imagine my young niece would have hours of fun playing with her. Have you ever seen anything as adorable as this 'Ricepuffy Cushion?!' I am SO tempted to buy him for myself! Or, this endearing print of a 'Circus Bear on a Bike' for a child's nursery or playroom? An item of clothing is always so useful, (parents will love you for it!) and I adore this long sleeve raglan and all-in-one from Spotty Herberts. I always ensure I buy the next size up though, especially for babies as they grow so quickly that they'll only be in the clothing for a matter of weeks! I am going to end this post on a sweet note; scrumptious chocolatey bugs which will be sure to make the perfect stocking filler.

I hope you have found this gift guide useful, even if it means it's given you just one or two new ideas. This is my last post before 2017 now, I think. Although, I might squeeze in one last post, but don't hold me to that! If not, I'll see you on the other side!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Georgie -x-