Absurd Bird Sneak Peek - Bath

I recently caught up with the team at Absurd Bird, when they kindly invited me to attend their "sneaky-beak preview," ahead of the restaurant's grand opening in Little Southgate - Bath, next Wednesday 14th December. An evening spent sampling delicious food inspired by America's Deep South? You don't have to ask me twice!

A scrumptious 'Spinach and Artichoke Dip' with golden tortilla chips for dunking!

A scrumptious 'Spinach and Artichoke Dip' with golden tortilla chips for dunking!

The event was hosted by Hobson's Choice; a luxury kitchen and bathroom showroom, located on the London Road. The fun kickstarted with cracking cocktails; all shaken and stirred by Soul Shakers' master mixologist, Nicole Lowe. Signature cocktails were flowing freely all evening. Bloggers and journalists watched on as Nicola showcased the art of mixing delicious Apple Moonshine Cocktails, Kentucky Barn Dance's and unforgettable Mississippi Mud Pie's! If I had to choose a favourite, hands down, the latter would win my vote.

You know when you have stumbled across a good cocktail when it tastes like chocolate milkshake! Go easy though, because I bet this alcoholic concoction could send you very merry indeed!

From tasty tipples to cookery demonstrations...

We took to our seats and watched on as Absurd Bird's Head Chef, Andrew Hazel, prepared a selection of 'Hero' dishes for us. Along with the help of a sous chef, and some audience participation (as an example, several guests were invited up to spatchcock chickens!), a plethora of tasty dishes were soon plated up...

Keeping true to Deep South traditions, the chefs assembled a rich and creamy 'Jalapeno Mac n' Cheese' which was served up with a generous covering of crunchy Cheetos crisps and herbs. An unusual combination, but it worked and was delicious!

Plump, golden 'Jalapeno Cheese Biscuits' served with apple butter. A twist on your classic scones and clotted cream for sure!

Rustled up earlier in the evening, with the help of several audience members, Chef soon presented these fresh bites for us to sample.

Then onto what I am sure Absurd Bird in Bath will become famous for; their ultimate fried chicken wings. A selection of these fried variations were generously prepared for us. Here we have the 'Smoked Garlic Parmesan'...

... and, the sticky sweet 'BBQ' wings and spicy 'Buffalo' wings too.

Or, how about these pillowy soft 'Dirty Buns'? Stuffed to the brim with crispy fried chicken, a sliced gherkin and a chilli and garlic sriracha mayo.

In a word? WOW. 

Our meat feast was accompanied by both a fresh and fruity watermelon and feta cheese salad, and, a mango and quinoa salad.

Our fun, foodie evening was topped off royally with an outstanding introduction to Absurd Bird's dessert menu. Say hello to the 'Dipsy Cake...'

A tear and share cake which will definitely leave conversations hanging mid-air at the dining table! The most pleasurable eating experience of all, and, an absolute must when Absurd Bird opens in Bath. The gooey, decadent, indulgent brioche bun cake is made to order, and, arrives with a trio of dipping sauces; chocolate, caramel and crème anglaise.

Having been wined (cocktailed?) and dined to our hearts content, the team kindly sent us off with a gift box, filled with a bottle of Moonshine miniatures. 

Outside of London, Absurd Bird's presence can be found in Exeter. Bathonians will soon have a taste of the action too. It's exciting times ahead for this relatively young restaurant, as they introduce their extraordinarily inventive, authentic, fun and fabulous Deep South fried chicken, wings, waffles and cocktails to us. I for one, cannot wait to frequent their branch in Bath! Don't forget, they open next week on Wednesday 14th December...

Many thanks to the team at Absurd Bird for your generous hospitality.