Sol Kitchen Supper Club - Bear Flat, Bath


If you haven't experienced a supper club before, then you definitely should. Take your partner in crime, a bottle of wine and be on your way! Just think of it as an evening making merry with strangers around a dining table. Not everyone's cup of tea I am sure, as there will be those of you who prefer a romantic meal for two, but, if the idea of making conversation through a shared love of good food and wine doesn't phase you, then welcome to Sol Kitchen Vegetarian Supper Club. Hosted by the club's founders, Mirella and Sky, the girls certainly know how to throw a fabulous dinner party!

I was recently invited by Mirella to attend one of their supper clubs, which took place last Saturday evening at Bear Pad Cafe, in Bear Flat, Bath. A five course Italian-inspired, candlelit supper awaited us in the warmth, whilst the rain cascaded down outdoors...

Whilst introductions were made around the dining table, we toasted the evening with a chilled glass of Gewurztraminer white wine (it's bring your own, or, you can pre-order from Wolf Wine).

There's something about bringing your own bottle of wine that immediately sets the tone for a wonderfully laid-back evening. Everyone brings their favourite, so you have a glass in your hand before you've even buried your brows in the menu!

It wasn't long before we experienced our first taste of Mirella and Sky's cooking. We started with 'Aubergine Bites' which were served with a homemade pesto and garnish of fresh cherry tomatoes.

The pesto was as garlicky as it gets and complimented the aubergine bites perfectly. It was absolutely delicious and gone in an instant! 

Moving on to the second course; 'Verdure Grigliate' with buffalo mozzarella. A rainbow of caramelised grilled vegetables coated in a mouthwatering vinaigrette.


Before our mains arrived, we were presented with a palette cleanser; a 'Juice Shot' comprised of organic apples, celery and lemon. I asked Mirella whether anything else went into the drink to make it taste so good, but she commented that the ingredients were simply those that had been listed on the menu. A simple juice I am definitely going to rustle up at home.

We then enjoyed another indulgent taste of Italian cooking; 'Wild Mushoom Ragu' served on a bed of creamy, piping hot homemade polenta and fresh salad leaves. Scott and I are not vegetarians, so both anticipated whether a 5 course meal without meat would leave us fully satisfied. However, each dish was packed full of flavour and creativity, and we actually didn't miss being carnivores for the night! 

Four courses later and we arrived at the end of our menu. The most decadent 'Italian Chilli Chocolate Pear Tart' with a helping of whipped coconut cream.

Sol Kitchen - Bath-74.jpg

A chocolate lovers dream! The tart certainly had a fiery kick, but the coconut cream cooled down the spicy chilli notes. The portion size was very generous, so I struggled to finish it all!

We finished with 'Fennel Tea,' the perfect end to an evening of delicious feasting.

Sol Kitchen Vegetarian Supper Club takes place once a month on a Saturday evening, but dates vary from month to month. I suggest checking out their Facebook Page to find out when the next supper club will be. Don't forget to spread the love by telling your foodie friends about Sol Kitchen too!

Mirella and Sky are passionate about their cooking and it certainly shows. Each dish was lovingly prepared and every mouthful as delicious as the last. A big "grazie" to Mirella and Sky for kindly inviting me to attend their supper club!