Johann Lafer At The Gainsborough - The Great Bath Feast, Bath


It's time to take a seat and join me for lunch in aid of The Great Bath Feast, which is taking place in our glorious golden city from Saturday 1st October through to Sunday 9th October...

Foodies near and far, you will certainly not want to miss a visit to The Gainsborough Bath Spa this week. This elegant 5 star establishment has an incredible 'Two For One Lunch' offer on weekdays at their 'Johann Lafer at The Gainsborough' restaurant. Scott and I dined on its second day of opening in November last year, and I wrote about our experience over here... However, more recently, (yesterday in fact!) I treated my Mum to lunch there, and... Wow. Our meal was exceptional; each course just as mouth-watering as the last. Every plate was beautifully executed with such artistic flair. Chef Dan Moon has created an imaginative, unforgettably scrumptious feast that us lucky Bathonians and visitors to the city can appreciate and enjoy in smart surroundings. I took my trusty camera and documented the courses we chose; one starter, two mains and one pud between us for a total of £22.50. I hope the pictures do Dan's wonderful menu justice!

A quenelle of rich, creamy butter sprinkled with rock salt and black pepper to accompany a bread basket of warm mini homemade loaves.

A starter to share; 'Ballontine of Smoked Salmon, Horseradish Mousseline, Olive Crumb and Yuzu.'

A pretty floral display at our table; I do love autumn!

For my Mum's main; 'Grilled Fillet of Plaice, Crab Risotto, Confit Fennel and Apple'.

For my main; 'Roast Breast of Poussin, Panéed Leg, Stuffed Courgette Flower, Pancetta, Girolles and a Parmesan Broth'.

To finish; 'Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Elderflower Sorbet, Lemon Purée and Meringue'.

I wouldn't hesitate a moment longer to pick up the phone and book yourself a lunch date at 'Johann Lafer at The Gainsborough.' For all the details, please visit The Gainsborough Bath Spa and/or The Great Bath Feast...