Bath Pizza Co - Green Park Station, Bath


I have been blogging for just over a year now, and since I started The Bathonian, I have met some really inspirational, entrepreneurial business owners in Bath and beyond. l love having this public platform that gives me the opportunity to promote the passionate people I meet, showcasing who they are and what they do! I recently met Alex Peters, Marketing Manager from Bath Pizza Co, which is located in Green Park Station, Bath. I was invited to attend Bath Pizza Co's very first free pizza tasting session, which took place last Saturday 1st October, as part of The Great Bath Feast.

Scott and I arrived to a crowded venue, packed full of punters making the most of the complimentary offerings. Before squeezing in and taking a seat, we enjoyed watching the pizzas being created before our eyes, the good old fashioned way!

The fluffy dough was moulded into shape by hand, and thrown high in the air for good measure!

A generous handful of fresh toppings were added...

... before the pizzas were scooped up and sent into the scorching hot wood fire oven.

Moments later they reappeared, golden and gorgeous, and ready for the hoards of hungry diners to enjoy.

Bath Pizza Co are proud supporters of buying locally, and, thanks to their great location, they are able to source the wonderful, fresh produce available to them at the Bath Farmers Market. Alex informed me that their 'Homewood 3 Cheeses' pizza comes from "just over there" (pointing in the direction of Homewood Cheeses, less than a 30 second walk away!) 

There was lots of free feasting to be had, as Bathonians tried the many 'Classics' being dished out before them...

Alex kindly offered Scott and I the pick of the menu, so we opted for the 'Homewood 3 Cheeses.' We found ourselves a seat and whilst waiting, marvelled at the vast Victorian canopy above us and those very trendy light fittings too! 

Soon enough, we enjoyed a 'pizza the action'. Piping hot from the wood fire oven, the crust was crisp and blistered, just as it should be, and the molten cheeses were rich and packed full of flavour.

Absolutely delicious! I am delighted we got the opportunity to visit Bath Pizza Co, we will certainly be back with a pile of friends or family the next time we visit. 

Cheers to that!

So then, pizza and prosecco? What are you waiting for!

Check out their opening times here. Thank you so much to Alex and his team at Bath Pizza Co for a great introduction to your slice of pizza heaven! See you again soon.