Cutler and Gross, Shakespeare Collection - Bath


Can't find where you put down your specs?! Well, there's no need to check behind the sofa, or, in the glove compartment of your car, how about looking for a new pair?... It's time to step into the luxurious world of British eyewear brand; Cutler and Gross. My only word of warning before we begin; your wish list for sunglasses will be as tall as the ceiling by the time you reach the end of this post!

I was recently invited to view the new 'Shakespeare Collection' by Hannah Armstrong, Store Manager and Optometrist of the brand's boutique store in Bath. I can safely say that I have never stepped foot into a more elegant, stylish eyewear establishment! Think minimalist and modern; black glossy tiled flooring, white washed walls, trendy illuminated signage and a wall of fame showcasing iconic celebrity figures wearing the brand's quintessentially British frames.

The 'Shakespeare Collection' is inspired by the famous wordsmith, as we commemorate the 400th anniversary of his death this year. Each of the frames in the new collection are dedicated to William Shakespeare's most recognisable characters, such as; Macbeth, Juliet, and Hamlet. The frames all have a unique identity "through new shapes and colour palettes." There is excellent craftsmanship and production across the entire collection, with each frame being manufactured in Italy. 

The high-quality frames are positioned neatly on glass shelves enabling customers the opportunity to browse the collection easily.

Whist photographing all of these gorgeous handcrafted treasures, Hannah kindly offered me a glass of bubbles...

Let's raise a glass to Cutler and Gross's fabulous creativity and craftsmanship!

Cutler and Gross's boutique in Bath offers an array of bespoke services and eye examinations. Should you like to find out more, I suggest popping in store, or, visiting their website for all the details you need. 

With so much eye candy in store, it was almost impossible to choose a favourite, but, I think the pretty pink 'Rose Chinois' sunnies below may have stolen my heart!

As well as the brand's Bath boutique store, Cutler and Gross also have locations in Knightsbridge - LondonOld Spitalfields Market - London, and Leeds.

In addition, Cutler and Gross has a handful of boutiques situated overseas; New York, LA, Toronto and Hong Kong, as well as being stocked in select department, concept and optical stores worldwide.

I really enjoyed documenting my visit to Cutler and Gross, and felt very warmly welcomed by the friendly members of staff. Thank you to Hannah for inviting me along and for making the experience so enjoyable!

Check them out the next time you are in Bath, and, consider investing in a beautiful, iconic pair of sunglasses or optical frames; you won't regret it, and you'll certainly be a trend setter if you do!