CAU - Bath

The restaurants of Bath have a new kid on the block! Welcome to CAU who I believe serve the best steak in town! 

Far from the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, where CAU's authentic menu takes its inspiration from, you'll find a trendy, vibrant joint a lot closer to home (1-2 Milsom Place to be precise). The contemporary interiors are fun and distinctive. Bright blue skies decorate the walls and images of fresh green grass fill the ceilings. Then there's the funky lighting which has been installed to create a cool atmosphere in which to enjoy your food. The ultra modern furnishings and fittings caught my eye, (most notably the chrome pendant light above our table) making the space feel really bright, airy and relaxed.

Our waiter for the evening told us that the concept behind the playful interiors is to transport diners to the lush green pastures in Argentina where cattle graze beneath soaring skies. The white corrugated steel also 'simulates the roofs of Buenos Aires' [in the] La Boca neighbourhood too' says Interior Designer Patsy Godik. 

Having marvelled at our new surroundings, we were soon seated and presented with the food and drinks menus. My Mum was visiting for a few days, so Scott and I booked in advance to ensure we got a table on the restaurant's opening night. 

We ordered our drinks first; a glass of 'Graffiti Malbec' (£7.75) for Scott, a 'Campo Flores Sauvignon Blanc' (£5.75) for Mum and a 'Virgin Mojito' (£2.75) for me, which was deliciously sweet and refreshing.

We shared a homemade 'Bread Basket' (£3.50) that arrived with a spicy chipotle butter. The 'Belly Of Pork Tempura' (£7.95), which was so moreish it certainly left you craving more, and, the 'Yerba-Smoked Beef' (£6.95), which in the excitement of all the starters arriving, I forgot to photograph! The Argentinian beef was smoked and dressed in soy and wasabi and decorated with shavings of salty ricotta cheese. All three dishes were beautifully presented and all flavour combinations were spot on.

Moving onto our mains... My Mum opted for the 'Roasted Vegetable, Goat's Cheese and Quinoa Salad' (The big size @ £9.75 - photo above right). She commented that the dish was packed full of flavour and texture. It was perhaps coated in slightly too much salsa verde which left an oily aftertaste, but, other than that, she was really impressed and would order the salad again.

Scott and I opted for the steaks (how could we not?!) The '260 g Rib Eye' (£16.25) plus skinny chips for me, and the '400 g Asado De Chorizo' (£29.95) plus skinny chips too for Scott. Both steaks arrived medium rare and were seriously good! Tender, flavoursome and you could cut through them like butter. We were all very happy with our choices but when it came to ordering desserts we were just too full unfortunately! The desserts sounded very tempting, especially the CAU cornflake ice cream sundae which I certainly have my eye on! However, we are saving ourselves for another visit soon!