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Bath's iconic skyline can be distinguished from other cities and towns because of the local sandstone rendered in the buildings. The streets are teaming in elegant 18th Century Georgian architecture and you'll see a nod to the Baroque period every which way you turn.

*These photos of Bath have been taken on my SLR*

Royal Crescent Bath Somerset Photo
Bath Somerset Photography
Royal Crescent Bath Somerset Photo

I love living in Bath and our plan is to buy a property in the area. Although that is a few years away yet, in the meantime I love to imagine what our future home will look like and how it will be furnished. I have already made a start on our lounge, and thought I'd share my interior design thoughts with you here. 

Interior Design Homeware Lookbook

Living in an old property, we are lucky enough to have really high ceilings and a beautiful old, decorative fireplace which has become the focal point of the lounge. I have always loved the idea of mixing the old with the new. Hence, we have begun to kit out our lounge with ultra modern fittings and furnishings. 

made -  austin floor lamp £79  &  table lamp £49  - bOTH in copper

made - austin floor lamp £79 & table lamp £49 - bOTH in copper