Koh Thai Tapas - Bath

One chilly Friday evening, Scott and I just didn't fancy preparing a meal at home, so we set off into town on the hunt for some good food. We hadn't made any reservations but soon found ourselves eyeing up a menu outside Koh Thai Tapas on Broad Street. Tempted by Thai, we were soon seated in the restaurant's downstairs eating area. It was just us to begin with but the tables soon filled up around us.

To begin; a 'Summer Daze' (£7.95) for me and an 'Asahi Beer' (£4.50) for Scott. My cocktail consisted of Larios gin, lime, passion fruit and Midori melon liqueur topped with a tower of ice. It was a little sweeter than I would have liked but refreshing and fruity.

Once we had our drinks, we ordered our tapas dishes which arrived almost immediately after.

We opted for 'Roast Duck Curry' (£11) which didn't taste quite as freshly prepared and zingy as the 'Green Curry' (£9) that we also opted for. All of the spices and flavours were spot on but the duck meat was a little dry unfortunately.

Alongside our small curries, we fancied the 'Prawn Toast' (£5.50) and when it arrived the bites were huge! The bread tasted perhaps a little too deep-fried but the overload of sesame seeds on top made up for it.

We also fancied the 'Thai Sliced Crispy Beef' (£7) which was tasty and moreish but again a little on the dry side.

Unusually for us, we didn't order heaps off of the menu at Koh Thai Tapas, so happily skipped out of the restaurant with that warm fuzzy filling inside rather than feeling we had overdone it! Koh Thai Tapas is a great place to take a pile of friends for a fast and furious meal filled with laughter, good drinks and small dishes to share.