The Bathonian Meets... Martini Mum

'The Bathonian Meets' is no longer Coming Soon, hip, hip hooray! I am really excited to announce my very first video Q&A session is live! Many thanks to Serra Kerrigan, founder of 'Martini Mum' for agreeing to take part in this video, which I hope you'll enjoy!

Martini Mum Blogger Bath Somerset

Find out why Serra set up her successful lifestyle blog, what a typical day in the life of 'Martini Mum' looks like, and, where this gorgeous Mum of two heads to in Bath for a delicious bite to eat...

Check out Serra's website; to keep up to date with her blog and discover the latest 'Martini Mum' events taking place in Bath. There is also a recently launched online shop, showcasing a range of beauty and health products and services available for purchase. Happy shopping!

If you would like to be featured on 'The Bathonian Meets...' please do get in touch via my contact page to find out more. Many thanks!